Final stretch of the semester!

This pass was all about getting in the new icons for Resources and Energy Management. One more week left in the semester, and it's going to be spent on polishing what I have. So far I've hit the milestones I've set out and completed the amount of content that I said that I would at the beginning of the semester.

Feedback from Dave:
- Noticed that I've got my colors sorted out for the most part.

- Wants red buttons reserved for negative actions like the Nerve Staple button. So I need to change the color of buttons that have positive actions to something like green.

- Change colors of ornamental lines (brackets in corners) on the Discover tab to be a vivid bright orange instead of white.

- Overall look where I've made highlights that look white to less white and again more like a brighter vivid color. Reserve white as the last little thing that gets added at the end for extra pop. Example, the selected tabs (Resource, Support, Psych) look pastey, make more vibrant.

- Reverse the gradient of the bar graphs on the resource information.

- On button mouse overs, I should incorprate them breathing out -- similar to how on the click I have them breathing in.

- New icons look nice, make the resource icons smaller than they are now.