Update from the end of the semester

Hey all! Here's the final clip of the project that I made at the end of the semester. It's getting uploaded now because I'm finally getting access to some internet on my holiday break that isn't my phone's data plan.

Some general notes from Dave on this last stretch that I'm working on having implemented by the time I get back from my holiday break -- 

1. Spacing issues with text on buttons - primarily the tabs underneath the Resource and Psych area got shrunk accidentally, and "Resource" is starting to hang off of the edge.

2. Change the color of the white text on non-selected buttons to be a brighter version of the color of the button. It will look more refined and less pasty.

3. Rearrange the order of the video to make it look like less of a random walkthrough of the UI, and arrange it in a way that looks like it's being used with an end goal in mind. 


Something that I'd like to address is the readability of the resource icons and their numeric values. I'm also working on a start menu. An example of the original is below.

Overall, at this point I'd just like to say that I've learned so much from this project and being able to work on it with Dave. Before this I hadn't ever worked on making an interface for a game, as I had only done things like make art assets like icons and such. I hadn't really gone through the steps of thinking about how things flow and how best to place things on screen to draw the attention of a player. This project helped me really think about these things and more, and it has only gotten me more excited to continue working on UI projects in the future.