Adding polish and changes to feedback

Hey guys! Sorry for the length between this and the last post. I took some time off to celebrate the holidays and to work on things for work and school. Something really cool happened during that time though! I got featured on an article on Rock, Paper, Shotgun!

And then that article got featured on PC Gamer!

A fan of the project then informed me that this project also got picked up by the German PC gaming site GameStar

Really, I greatly appreciate the interest that these articles have garnered towards this project. Something that got mistaken in the PC Gamer article though was that this was going to be a mod. There's a disclaimer in the about section of this site that clarifies that this is indeed not a mod. While that would be a really great thing to see in the long run, I have really limited coding experience as I'm primarily an artist. I currently have no plans on releasing this as a mod. Right now I'm just focused on continuing to iron out what I've made for this project so far, and stomp out any fires that pop up every now and again. This is a learning experience for me. I've learned so much in the span of the few short months that I've been working on this with Dave, and I can't wait to keep up the pace in the coming weeks up until the holidays.

During this most recent pass I've done a lot towards making button colors more saturated and less muddy in their colors. I've also made the colors in the design workshop screen more consolidated and refined. After that in the main HUD I did a lot of work in getting the color schemes there to line up with the color schemes everywhere else, and to also get those animations put in and looking all nice.

UP NEXT on my list of polishing items
- continue to refine animations (mouse animations can be a little jerky at times)

- continue to work on colors

- Refine my temporary resource icons and energy allocation icons because those things stick out like a sore thumb